Michael Jordan is famous for saying, “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

At Small Wins, our mission is to act as spark plug in non-profit settings. We specialize in leading strategic and operational planning meetings, building and implementing complex fundraising plans, and coaching development professionals to exceed professional and organizational benchmarks. We believe this is achieved through passionate collaboration, honest discussion, and calculated innovations. We work to support time bound goals and projects by providing analytical insights, building on your internal strengths, and asking questions which help your team get excited about the small wins on the horizon.

Strategic & Operational Planning + Retreat Development & Meeting Facilitation +
New Revenue Strategy and Modeling +Team Building & Management +
Event Development and Production + Donor Analytics + Development/Stewardship Planning + Partnership Development

Fight CRC

Fight Colorectal Cancer
Project focus: strategic planning, meeting development, operational planning
In 2017, Small Wins partnered with Fight CRC on a number of projects. Most notably, Small Wins was asked to collaborate with a team of consultants to deliver a comprehensive three-year strategic plan that identified a new North Star for the organization and offered a framework for growth. Through this engagement, Small Wins played a leadership role in spearheading a 2-day strategic planning meeting to guide the Staff through a “theory of change” process, conduct an organizational audit, and unearth opportunities to improve operations and program/development delivery. The team of consultants delivered a Board level report that detailed key recommendations in five functional areas and outlined year-over-year key performance metrics that Fight CRC’s leadership team could use as a guide in their annual operational planning. In the months following this engagement, Small Wins then partnered with the staff to develop a comprehensive operational plan for the Philanthropy department. 


Autism Speaks/TEAM UP
Project focus: Donor analytics, revenue analysis, development planning
Autism Speaks was experiencing a slowing in their Team Up endurance event portfolio and hired AnneMarie to attend their 2017 strategic kick-off meeting. Prior to the meeting, Autism Speaks shared historical data and event summaries. With this additional level of detail, AnneMarie was able to uncover and present thoughtful analysis, trends, and discussion questions which supported an innovative and idea-generating discussion on where and how to prioritize financial and human resources. Support TeamUp at

amr-headshot-1-e1514579492764.pngChris Long Foundation
Project focus: operational system planning + development, development campaign management, event support
The primary initiative of the Chris Long Foundation is Waterboys, an innovative player led initiative started by NFL defensive end Chris Long in 2015 that brings players from around the league and their fan bases together to raise money and provide awareness for clean water through social media, events and awareness campaigns. Waterboys sought out the help of Small Wins in an effort to formalize their development structure and processes and create scalable, national development campaigns. In just two years, Small Wins has helped Waterboys raise over $1.6M and fund 30 wells (toward their goal of 32). Learn more about Chris’s effort to make a difference!

amr-headshot-2.pngAACR Foundation – Special Events
Project focus: operational planning, staff coaching, strategic recommendations for future growth
AACR Foundation had established a strong events portfolio, which leveraged event diversification, geographic reach, and highly visible partnerships. Small Wins was brought in spark innovation in the areas of staff management and strategic planning as the team refreshed their approach participant recruitment and fundraising. Small Wins spent extensive time coaching the AACR staff on fundraising tools, templates, and outreach tactics and helping each contributor build a roadmap for the 2017 work plan, which could be use to model their 2018 events and goals.

lillyLilly Oncology
Project focus: marketing asset development, non-profit partnership evaluation
Lilly Oncology works with leading patient advocacy and medical organizations to help raise awareness about cancer, educate the public, support cancer research, and influence change in public policy. Through their national non-profit partnerships, the team identified room to improve how they messaged, branded, and executed an engagement strategy during these event opportunities. After a series of stakeholder interviews and on-event research, Small Wins presented 3 marketing systems that delivered a more consistent experience (regardless of event format) and could be tied back to the team’s KPIs. 


The LIVESTRONG Foundation
Project focus: new revenue strategy, acquisition & retention,  stewardship
AnneMarie managed the events portfolio at LIVESTRONG during what some would call the peak (2009 – 2012) and the valley (2013-2015). From the time Lance Armstrong returned to professional cycling and following the resignation of LIVESTRONG‘s long-time CEO Doug Ulman, AnneMarie helped the Foundation and the Events navigate times of extreme growth and contraction, while consistently hitting revenue and participant metrics and mentoring a skillful team of colleagues. Managing through this type of change has given her a unique perspective on event management and effective fundraising event investments, as well as a critical eye toward the power of messaging on fundraisers and event performance, the impact of managers on team empowerment and morale, and the honest assessment of event lifecycles. You can keep up with the current Team LIVESTRONG schedule at

AMR headshot (5)CATCH Global Foundation (CGF)
Project focus: fundraising feasibility assessment
The landmark program of the CATCH Global Foundation serves more than 10,000 children in schools across the U.S. by enabling them to identify healthy foods, and by increasing the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) children engage in each day. As the program has grown and more schools are looking to sustain their programming, CGF engaged Small Wins to conduct a fundraising feasibility assessment which would help them accurately evaluate whether an in-school fundraising model was feasible, what format would be most impactful to schools, what level of fundraising is possible at community sites and whether the organization should make an investment in Phase 2 to pilot a fundraising model.

AMR headshot (3)Generation Serve
Project focus: leadership coaching
Generation Serve is a fast growing non-profit in the Austin community. After bringing on their first Development Director, they hired Small Wins to help support her professional growth and provide her valuable fundraising feedback and discussion. The partnership resulted in a highly organized and measure EOY campaign and an innovative new Welcome Series.

icons-2Ann Richards School Foundation
Project focus: recruitment strategy, donor stewardship tool development + implementation
The Ann Richards School Foundation (ARSF) raises funds and forms community partnerships to advance education, empower young women and create opportunities for girls who may otherwise be held back from achieving their full potential. ARSF and Small Wins have worked together on a number of projects including a detailed internal and external tour recruitment strategy, the development and implementation of a Welcome Series, and a donor identification and engagement campaign spanning an entire year. You can support our girls at


Spintensity 200
AACR came to AnneMarie with an idea for launching a new fundraising event but without a defined path of how to determine whether their idea was viable. Over the course of 2015, AnneMarie worked with AACR to build Spintensity’s business model to align with the required organizational return. She also acted as a strategic advisor on developing their go-to market timeline, provided feedback on leveraging technology to support their goals, and offered guidance on putting a team in place to successfully execute the event. You can learn more about AACR’s newest event at

AMR headshot (4)Capital IDEA
Project focus: change management staff training
In January of 2018, Small Wins collaborated with Melissa Stewart Consulting to deliver a half day change management training to the staff at Capital IDEA. The scope of the project included an assessment of the current organizational culture, development and facilitation of a half day training around organizational change management and frameworks which support behavior change and a post-meeting debrief with leadership to offer recommendations for ongoing staff support using the methodology.

3Umbel’s Data Discoveries (& Disco)
Project focus: event development + production
To kick-off the 2016 SXSWi week, Umbel hosted a series of thought leadership panels at the iconic ACL Live at the Moody Theater. With speakers coming from IBM, Johnson & Johnson, AEG Live, Theory, and Rag&Bone (among many more), attendees heard from experts who used big data to influence their industry and drive results. That evening, Umbel dropped the formalities and hosted a #DataDisco, featuring Bloc Party.